Fight Off the Living Dead

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Fight Off the Living Dead

Fight Off the Living Dead is the first stage of the Behead the Undead series in the Challenges for TimeSplitters 2.


Direct points

- A shot in the head gives 75 points and kills the zombie.
- A punch on the head gives 100 points and kills the zombie.
- A shot or punch on an arm gives 25 points and will do some damage to the zombie, but will not kill the zombie.

Wave bonus

- If you haven't been hit in a wave, then that wave will be perfect and your score from that wave will be doubled.
- If you have been hit, then you'll get the points equal to the score in the wave.
- It is possible to not get a perfect while there was no visible damage. These waves are considered a perfect. Note: When you get hit, and the health gauge wasn't shown, but there was some red on the sides of the screen, then you actually did lose some health.

When the last zombie dies, the points will start adding up. This takes a short amount of time in early waves, but can take minutes later on. In the early waves, it is reasonable to not cut it off. The shotgun gets some time to respawn, so you can start with full ammo at the beginning of a wave. Don't ever, ever, ever, dodge the last zombie in a wave until you have full ammo. The points counting give the shotgun plenty of time.

In later waves, there is plenty of time, which causes players to cut the bonus off out of boredom. It can however be reasonable to let the points add up until the end. After a nervous wave (being cornered, dodging a lot, out of ammo, etc), it is good to take a moment of rest between the waves to get over the nerves a bit.

Tactical Advice

The farther away you are from a zombie, the better. This means that you should be killing zombies by headshotting them, even though it gives you less points. Punching should only be used when you're unarmed. As soon as the shotgun has respawned, you will start using the shotgun again. The respawn time is 30 seconds.

The shotgun is only accurate for close range. The farther away the target, the more the bullets (it fires four bullets at once) will spread, thus lowering the chances of hitting. This means that to hit a zombie accurately, you will need to let it get close to you. You'll find out how close you should let them come by playing the level a few times. It's about six to eight steps.

To get easy headshots, you will have to use the aim cursor. When you hold the aiming button (Note: Aiming mode will have to be on Hold), it will show the cursor. Now you'll only have to place the cursor directly at the head of a zombie and shoot. Whenever the aim cursor is next to the zombie's head, don't aim to the side to correct this, but rather sidestep. This is faster and safer as standing still is dangerous.

There is a maximum number of zombies that can exist at the same time. That number is about ten. You won't have to fear being cornered by 100 zombies, when you're killing them slow or when you're dodging. A new zombie won't spawn, until you have killed a zombie.

The Action

The first waves are very easy to get through, because there are only a couple of zombies and not all spawnpoints are used yet. On the first wave they can only come through the middle entrance, so don't bother checking the other two. On the second wave, zombies start spawning in the small room to the right. On the third wave, zombies will also come from the room to the left. From this wave, you'll have to pay attention to all three entrances.

After about eight waves, all spawnpoints are being used and you've reached the point where there is a permanent order, which you have to follow. This is not the order in which they spawn, but in what order you have to kill them. The order at the start of a wave is:

Zombie in the right room, another zombie in the right room, zombie from the left room. Zombie in the right room, another zombie in the right room, zombie from the left room. Now zombies will appear from the middle. After you've killed these, zombies will come through all three entrances. From now on, you have to keep checking each entrance and get in a rythm.

Keep doing this over and over again, until you die.


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