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Evil Summit (ES for short) is the twelfth and last level on the game James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire.

Speed Runs

All strategies assume all upgrades are unlocked. Always skip cutscenes if possible.


Run forward to the boxes and take out your Golden Gun. Proceed slowly down the ramp on the right side of the bridge and shoot out the window to your left. Jump through the window and go towards the door. If you jump and start to slip down, keep mashing the jump button until you make it up. As you get better at this shortcut, you should try to take it in less time.

Push the button on the right side to open the door. Jump down and quickly kill all four guards. Switch to your Q-Remote and activate the one active switch. Go through the tunnel and activate the other switch to open the door. Quickly take out your Q-Claw and go through the door on the left. Look up and to your right and grapple on the wire mesh. Jump down on the other side and quickly kill the two enemies. Go back and duck under the door to save time.

Go back to where you came from and make a right at the main room. Take out your Q-Remote again and activate the switch. Activate the other switch and proceed. Go though the opening straight ahead and shoot through the opening ahead. This should get the attention of the enemies. Fire about four shots to be sure. Afterwards, run to the door on the right and shoot it about three times to draw the enemies over there. Run back and all three enemies should be right next to the barrel. Just put one nicely placed bullet into the barrel and backtrack to the main room.

Run across the room and activate the switch. Take a left and activate the other switch. Take out your Q-Claw and enter the door to the right. Look down a little and there should be a wire mesh on the right wall. Grapple onto the platform and jump onto the latter. Go run over to the enemies and take them all out. Go to the edge on the left and look across the the door you originally came from. Grapple across to it and go back.

Take out your Golden Gun and put the silencer on it. Make a left in the main room and take out your Q-Remote. Activate the switch and make a right to activate the other switch. Enter the room and look to your left as you do so. You should see a guard just sitting there with his back turned to you. Take him out with a head shot and go half way up the stairs on the right. Quickly shoot up the guard up above and go back down the stairs jumping off the side where the railing is missing. Go through the door that just opened, while keeping your Golden Gun out and making sure it's loaded. Push the button and head up the elevator.

As soon as you can move, go to the other side of Bloch and start shooting him in the head. When he runs away, go the other way around and fill up the Q-Jet. Look back on the second floor where Bloch is landing and shoot him as soon as he lands. Using manual aim would be a good idea. Put about five or six bullets in him, but don't unload the clip. Stop for a second and let him shoot a rocket at you. Just let it hit you and unload the rest of the clip on him. If you don't let him fire a rocket, he'll fly away to another platform.

With the whole clip unloaded, he should fly up to the third story. Quickly switch to your Q-Jet and look towards the middle. Bloch will shoot a rocket at the platform above and knock it down. Use the Q-Jet and fly up on it. Take out your Q-Claw and look back where Bloch is. There should be a grapple point. Fly to it and go into the tunnel. When you come up the other side, don't run towards Bloch. Instead, stay still and you should pick up a MRL-22. Fire one shot at Bloch and the level should end.

Target Time: 3:05 - 3:50


  • The current World Record is 3:19, held by Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg.

Strategy goes here.

00 Agent

  • The current World Record is 3:57, held by Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg.

Strategy goes here.

High Scores

The only strategy for a perfect score can be found here

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