Deep Sea: Nullify Threat

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Deep Sea: Nullify Threat

Deep Sea: Nullify Threat is Perfect Dark's 14th level. For reasons unknown, it is usually impossible to skip all but the last few seconds of the closing cinematic on this level.

This level is the largest in the game (and pretty sparse when it comes to it). The use of "teleportals" means that on A, SA and PA you'll find yourself diverted through various different areas which are all part of the full level, but not connected to each other, and you'll actually end up deactivating the megaweapon three different ways. On Perfect Agent, the Cetan megaweapon is ultimately deactivated by blowing up a pair of hidden pillars using the Farsight.

On Agent and SA, if you are playing PAL, it is possible to locate and destroy these pillars from entirely different areas in the level, by scoping through walls with the Farsight. This is MUCH faster than waiting for Elvis to deactivate the weapon. On NTSC, however, the Farsight doesn't have enough of a zoom range to pull this off. This puts PAL at an advantage of over 90 seconds total over NTSC players.

Read on for details.


Special Agent

Perfect Agent

4:00 strategy

Forget about putting the IR vision on, and stay with the Falcon. Run straight through the first clutch of cloak guards and head towards the airlock on the far right - you shouldn't get hit. At the top, a guy will cloak and run past you. Turn on your IR vision as you get to him and climb the ramp to stand in front of the airlock, watching as he scoots away below you. You have higher ground here and the fact that you're looking backwards means Elvis will be able to catch up relatively fast. Once that guard stops moving, empty a Falcon clip into him at extremely high speed - a Falcon 2 is easily as dangerous as a K7 Avenger if you're fast enough on the trigger. This should kill him.

At this point anywhere from zero to four of the other guards in the room will run in from the left. Elvis will be laying into them with his single-shot-kill Farsight, but they are still shooting at you. The aim here is to take at least one more of these guards down - best tactic, I find, is to go for a headshot. Devote just a few seconds to this, then, whatever the situation, switch to your shotgun on double-blast and go through the two doors. The first door doesn't respond if you're at the instant of switching weapons, for reasons unknown.

Blast straight down the middle of the next two guards to take them both out - if one survives, you have room for an additional double-blast to take him out properly, but if both survive, you're screwed and might as well quit. Run through and turn left - you'll probably take a shotgun blast in the back from the guard on the right - and line up CAREFULLY for this guy. He is carrying proximity mines which he drops when killed - if your first blast kills him, your second may trigger the mines and blow you up, but this is pretty rare. You don't need the mines anyway. Back up as you finish that guy off, and finally take out the fourth guard near the Skedar corpse as you pass him. You shotgun is down to 1 or 3 shells at this point - switch back to your Falcon. The shotgun slowly reloads itself while it's not selected, which is handy.

Take out the first red guard from behind (he runs away) with four solid torso hits or whatever you can manage. Reload and use one Falcon clip each on the two guards at the bottom near the honeycomb maze. You'll have about 10 bullets left by this point, to use on the first patrolling guard in the tunnels and shoot the first lantern. Once done, switch to the CMP-150 - you should have collected at least two clips for it by this point.

In the next few tunnels there are about seven guards positioned randomly. The aim here is to get to the farthest lantern as quickly as possible, so Elvis catches up - you can take your time shooting your way back to the final room with the CMP-150 and shotgun. Now, depending on any number of random factors, Elvis will catch you up in that room somewhere between 1:20 and 2:00. 1:30 is your target - the rest of this level is down to you and not him, and takes a pretty much constant amount of time. You should also make sure you have around a third of your green health bar remaining or you're not guaranteed to survive the rest of the level.

Reload the shotgun completely as you zoom to the first teleportal. Blast each of the three guards in the big cylindrical room once to wound them, but keep running (you may take damage from behind as you hare away). Reload a little in the joining tunnel and - if you are low on health or they are likely to be a threat - shoot the next two guards on the way to the second teleportal too. Switch to the Farsight (on Target Locater) before you reach it.

Like the big columns later, you can take out the first of the green lamps in this room before the door is fully open, although it's not a sure hit. Take out all five and strafe madly through the rest of this section, reloading when you get brief chances. Hug the inner walls to avoid taking explosion damage and ignore all the little critters. When you get to the T-junction with the second drone gun, take it out and run to roughly where it was. Aim through the wall to the left to get the farthest column without wasting time running for it. Take out the column through the door ahead while backing up. Turn right and take out the first hidden column through the wall, then run for the final door to leave the T-junction permanently. Stop at the door - you have to be fast or the mini Skedar will have caught up - and turn right to take out the other hidden column. Switch to the CMP-150 once more on your way to the last teleportal.

Spray madly and aim to take out at least one Blonde - switch to the Backup Disk and lurk next to Dr. Carroll while Elvis takes out the other one if you don't manage to get them both. You need about 3:35 here to beat 4:00 at the finish.

Finally, hope you have enough luck/health to survive the last dash. If you have any CMP-150 or K7 ammo left you can spray this madly at the last clutch of red and cloaked guards on your way to the exit doors. Don't forget that unlike many levels you actually need to step through the last door to finish...



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