Death Race

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Death Race is a special "battle mode" type game in F-Zero X, in which you win by destroying all of the computer opposition in as fast a time as possible.

Death Race

Target Time of 0:43:000

First things first. You will want a car with a high body rating and good boosting power. Its generally adviasble to use a car like the Blood Falcon or Black Bull or another blunt nosed car that you can slam good with. Another thing: to do well, you will need to be good at double-tap killing, which involves double-tapping the "R" or "Z" buttons, which will make an orange outline around your car and give you a very brief invincibility/power around your car which you can use to smash other cars to bits. You need to be good at doing this fast and killing cars as you come up to them. If you do it correctly, you can even knock them forward while destroying them and they can, sometimes, wipe out other cars ahead also.

Start out slowly at first and then speed through them from behind, just nudging them with the double-tapped "R" and "Z" buttons and killing them fast. In the area without walls (where the health is), you can sometimes knock several off the edge, which causes them to die in a very efficient and speedy manner.

The strategy doesn't really get more detailed than that. Try not to get ahead of one, because it takes them quite awhile to catch you sometimes, whick kills your time.

Also, sometimes you can push the "Z" then the "R" button (or vice-versa) and make your car do a power spin, which can sometimes kill enemy cars also.

With practice, upper 50 seconds is easily attainable, and, with some luck, you can get sub 50 seconds.

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