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The Dash Jump is a trick in Metroid Prime where the player makes use of an intended move in the game to gain extra horizontal distance.

Executing the Dash Jump

While the Dash Jump is not hard to do, it takes practice to master. First you must find a lock-on point (most likely an enemy). Then, strafe to the left or right, but as you strafe release the L button. If done correct the strafe will sustain and you will be sent flying in the direction you strafed in.

In the North American version of the game, in the Scan Visor you are able to strafe, making a Dash Jump possible. However, the strafe was removed for the Scan Visor in every other version, so no Dash Jump for the PAL version and every other one in the Scan Visor.

Uses of the Dash Jump

While the primary use of the Dash Jump is to get the Space Jump Boots as your first item, severly cutting the time expectation on the game, but there are a few other things the Dash Jump can do.

  • Cover large horizontal ditance to clear areas quicker
  • In Phazon Mines the Dash Jump can get you to the door leading to the Ore Processing room from the Main Quarry before the Grapple Beam
  • Located in Magmoor Caverns, you can get across the Twin Fires room by locking onto the Spider Track through the scan visor and Dash Jumping to the right. This way you don't need the Spider Ball. (North American version only)