Crater Land: Loop Circuit

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Crater Land: Loop Circuit (Q1) is the 16th course in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

5Lap Strategy

Strat here.

Fast Lap Strategy

Vehicle: Jet Vermilion

Flap Preparation

Prepare your flap by destroying all but the third mine. Do 3 laps saving each new boost, and be ready to start the Flap in lap 4. As you approach the line you should be holding R.

The Flap

While you cross the line, activate the 1st boost and switch over to L, to make a very long drift to the right. This drift has to last until the first dash plate. Make sure you get both of the first corners very tight with this drift.

Now after the dash plate, you need to take the upcoming jump plate with a drift jump holding L. Where you aim your jump depends on how you enter the jump plate and where you use the blast turn. Try entering the jump plate on the very right, and leaning the ship to the right as well before you blast turn. The later you do this blast turn, the tighter you can take this jump. Try to jump as far as possible and land very close to the right rail.

As soon as you land, activate the 2nd boost. In the mud, do a short drift to the left (R) and then do a long drift to the right (L) getting past the 4th corner very tight. From now on keep holding L until you reach the final stretch after the final corner. Try to maintain a long drift all the way to the 3rd mine. After hitting it, strafe for a short while. At the right moment start blast turning quickly to take the final corner tightly.

Try to keep L held into the final stretch and keep the Jet Vermilion to the right. After you’ve cleared the corner, use your third and last boost. Now it's time to do the final drift. It has to be a drift to the left (R) hitting the wall slightly after the finish line. Sticking to the right after the final corner gives you a bit more room for this last drift.

World Records

5lap: 1'22"68 by Yazzo

Flap: 15"52 by Leandro Ribeiro

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