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In the Combat Simulator mode of Perfect Dark, each player's saved profile contains a ranking, ranging from "Beginner: 21" to "Perfect: 1". These rankings are determined based on the accumulation of certain statistics such as number of kills, time played and ammunition used, and by the collection of multiplayer medal awards.

A player achieving the rank of "Perfect: 1" is given the message "Username: Entropic Decay, Password: Zero-Tau." Rare had originally intended these details to allow access password-protected parts of the official Perfect Dark website, but this part of the site was never implemented.


Your CS rank is determined by how many invisible milestones you have passed. There are 100 milestones altogether and you go up a rank for every 5 you pass; that's 20 possible rank increases, which makes for 21 ranks altogether.

You can pass all the milestones by playing 900 games, and in each game:

  • playing for 20 minutes (equals 12 hours 20 minutes total)
  • winning
  • getting 20 kills (equals 18,000 kills total)
  • winning every medal
  • running 10 kilometres
  • using 500 ammo (equals 450,000 rounds total)
  • doing 0.1 damage to other players (this last one is intentionally low so you pass them earlier)

The full list of milestones:

Damage Dealt

  1. 0.6 damage dealt
  2. 1.2 damage dealt
  3. 2.4 damage dealt
  4. 4.8 damage dealt
  5. 8.4 damage dealt
  6. 18.0 damage dealt
  7. 30.0 damage dealt
  8. 45.0 damage dealt
  9. 63.0 damage dealt
  10. 90.0 damage dealt

Accuracy medals

  1. 6 Accuracy medals
  2. 12 Accuracy medals
  3. 24 Accuracy medals
  4. 48 Accuracy medals
  5. 84 Accuracy medals
  6. 180 Accuracy medals
  7. 300 Accuracy medals
  8. 450 Accuracy medals
  9. 630 Accuracy medals
  10. 900 Accuracy medals

Head Shots medals

  1. 6 Head Shots medals
  2. 12 Head Shots medals
  3. 24 Head Shots medals
  4. 48 Head Shots medals
  5. 84 Head Shots medals
  6. 180 Head Shots medals
  7. 300 Head Shots medals
  8. 450 Head Shots medals
  9. 630 Head Shots medals
  10. 900 Head Shots medals

Killmaster medals

  1. 6 Killmaster medals
  2. 12 Killmaster medals
  3. 24 Killmaster medals
  4. 48 Killmaster medals
  5. 84 Killmaster medals
  6. 180 Killmaster medals
  7. 300 Killmaster medals
  8. 450 Killmaster medals
  9. 630 Killmaster medals
  10. 900 Killmaster medals

Survivor medals

  1. 6 Survivor medals
  2. 12 Survivor medals
  3. 24 Survivor medals
  4. 48 Survivor medals
  5. 84 Survivor medals
  6. 180 Survivor medals
  7. 300 Survivor medals
  8. 450 Survivor medals
  9. 630 Survivor medals
  10. 900 Survivor medals

Games won

  1. 6 games won
  2. 12 games won
  3. 24 games won
  4. 48 games won
  5. 84 games won
  6. 180 games won
  7. 300 games won
  8. 450 games won
  9. 630 games won
  10. 900 games won


  1. 120 kills
  2. 240 kills
  3. 480 kills
  4. 960 kills
  5. 1,680 kills
  6. 3,600 kills
  7. 6,000 kills
  8. 9,000 kills
  9. 12,600 kills
  10. 18,000 kills


  1. 60 kilometres run
  2. 120 kilometres run
  3. 240 kilometres run
  4. 480 kilometres run
  5. 840 kilometres run
  6. 1,800 kilometres run
  7. 3,000 kilometres run
  8. 4,500 kilometres run
  9. 6,300 kilometres run
  10. 9,000 kilometres run

Ammo used

  1. 3,000 rounds of ammo used
  2. 6,000 rounds of ammo used
  3. 12,000 rounds of ammo used
  4. 24,000 rounds of ammo used
  5. 42,000 rounds of ammo used
  6. 90,000 rounds of ammo used
  7. 150,000 rounds of ammo used
  8. 225,000 rounds of ammo used
  9. 315,000 rounds of ammo used
  10. 450,000 rounds of ammo used

Time spent playing

  1. 2 hours spent playing
  2. 4 hours spent playing
  3. 8 hours spent playing
  4. 16 hours spent playing
  5. 1 day 4 hours spent playing
  6. 2 days 12 hours spent playing
  7. 4 days 4 hours spent playing
  8. 6 days 6 hours spent playing
  9. 8 days 18 hours spent playing
  10. 12 days 12 hours spent playing

Getting to Perfect the easy way

A rank of 1: Perfect in the Combat Simulator of Perfect Dark can be obtained in two ways.

  1. By playing a heck of a lot of Combat Simulator against your friends. For years.
  2. The easy way.

Wins, medals

Set up a game against a human opponent but don't have anybody else playing. (You can't get the Accuracy and Head Shots medals unless you play against humans.) Choose a random level this will also increase your knowledge of the levels. Set all the weapons to FarSight XR-20. Set limits to 1 kill so the first kill wins.

Collect the FarSight XR-20 and shoot your opponent in the head from across the level. This will win you the game and every single medal. Repeat.

You should be able to do this about two times a Minute.

Time, distance

Set up for an unlimited length match all on your own on Temple. Go to the ground floor and use Cruise Control to set yourself to run around in circles. Check back every few days. This is best coupled with either Kills or Ammo.


Eight MeatSims, one-hit-kills, machine guns, unlimited length match.


The cheap way: Eight Sims, whether they be meat or whatever difficulty, make them harder so they'll move faster (and if you make them DarkSims, they'll have a new weapon to drop with every spawn). Make all eight of them on YOUR team, no enemies, Capture the Case, on the Felicity, with remote mines for weapons. You want to keep retrying the mission untill you get the base in the bathrooms. When you do, manually set all of your teammate sims to protect your case. Wait untill they all run into protect your case, then throw several mines on them, the walls around them and stalls, and at LEAST one in the square room connecting the bathroom to the stairs room. Afterwards, run down the stairs a ways and then detonate. The screen should get really laggy, and you will rack up mad amounts of kills, as many as 1,000 a minute! Leave on for an hour or so and you will be around 100k kills or so.

It's been reported that if you let this trap keep running for more than 131,071 kills, the game crashes and doesn't save the kills you've accumulated, so you might want to keep an eye on your score. Because the sims are on your team, you lose points for each kill, and because score is a 17-bit signed integer, after -65536 the score jumps up to +65535 and starts counting down again from there. You'll want to end the game with your score as a small positive number, but not quite 0, in order to maximize your kill count without crashing the game.


Set all weapons to Cyclones and chase lots of ammo boxes into a corner. Switch to secondary function and keep tapping the Z button for a few hours. You can on average do about 15k - 20k every half hour, 30k an hour, or 15 hours to complete 450k


Find an area where you can circle around and around and keep hitting the ammo boxes. You will also need an autofire controller. Set your fire button to firing and reset your controller so that you will continouslky circle around the ammo crate and discharge your gun into the ground and/or walls. Leave on over night.


use reaper if unlocked


Getting a rank of "1" is possible, though time consuming, if you meet the required milestones.

To get an idea of how far the top distance milestone is, if you hop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad in Moscow heading to Vladivostok, you travel 9,289 kilometers. This distance, even at train speeds, takes about 6 days, 4 hours to make and crosses seven time zones. (Vladivostok is 7 hours ahead of Moscow)

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