Cold Reception

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Cold Reception (CR for short) is the fifth level on the game James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire.

Speed Runs

All strategies assume all upgrades are unlocked. Always skip cutscenes if possible.


Right when you start out, do a near 180 degree turn to be facing a plant. Run and jump onto the plant, and then onto the raised platform. Run forward and activate the computer. This should have all been in one fluid motion. Side-strafe down the stairs and take out your Q-Camera, then take out your Golden Gun. Run into the first room and move as close to the blueprint as necessary (it may take a little while to figurte out just how far in you need to go), and take a photo. Go through the next door and ignore the guy entering into the next room, unless he gets in your way. If you get stuck on him, restart. Take a photo of the blueprint here and quickly exit, running down the hall, avoiding the guy with the pistol who jumps out at you. Quiclky activate the elevator. Now you can catch your breath to prepare for the next part. While in the elevator take out your Q-Decryptor, but then take out your Golden Gun. When you exit the elevator, if the alarm was tripped, avoid the first guy running at you, but unload on the second to prevent some damage, and to prevent getting stuck on him. Now take out your Decryptor and run toward the first Data Port. You should get it in a strafe, without slowing down. Run past the guy in front of you and get to the second Port. You should be able to activate it withoug going in between the computers. Then activate the third Port, and leave. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief because the hard part is over. When the level starts again, take out your Q-Remote, but switch back to your Golden Gun again. Leave the elevator, and jump over the stairs and activate the door. Run through and ingore the guys in this cavern. Just hug the inside railing. When you come to the blast doors, shoot the guy trying to close them, and then shoot the smiper. If he doesn’t die, you’ll be OK, at least on Operative. Jump down the stairs and shoot the guy with the shotgun running at you. Take out your Remote and get the door program. Leave and jump up the stairs to move faster. If you’re on 00 Agent, this is when you’ll probably die. Open the door with the Q-Remote and run through, ignoring the two Superthugs with shotguns. Blow past the guy standing with his back to you, and try to avoid getting shot by the sniper. Enter the small building and jump up onto the ladder, and make your escape.


  • The current World Record is 1:41, held by Ben "BDOWN" Downing.

Strategy goes here.

00 Agent

  • The current World Record is 1:46, held by Ben "BDOWN" Downing.

Strategy goes here.

High Scores

The only strategy for a perfect score can be found here

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