Brian Dupont

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Brian "Swompz" Dupont

Brian "Swompz" Dupont is an Eliter who joined the The Elite's GoldenEye Rankings in June 2013.

Discovering and Joining The Elite

The first half of 2013 witnessed Brian wanting to collect retro video game items, thus leading him to his local flea market where he obtained a Nintendo 64 and GoldenEye. After clearing the game on 00 Agent and transcending the target times (therefore unlocking all of the "acheatments" as he likes to call them) he wanted to continue his GoldenEye experience somehow. Searching the internet brought him to The Elite and he became eager to get involved. The Elite forums led him to the Elite Chatroom where he messaged a random screen name about getting started. That randomly selected person was none other than Jim Barrett.

Brian believed it was for the best to thoroughly explain his gaming credentials in his application to join the The Elite. After being accepted, he put the same explanation in the "About Me" section on his Elite page. Which, perhaps due to it's length and unusual nature, led the popular Twitch streamer and Top 10 ranked GoldenEye Eliter Ryan White to make a video reading it on The Elite's Twitch channel. Brian has since simplified his "About Me" section.

GoldenEye Career (2013)

Brian's first posted time was Runway Agent 0:23, quickly followed by Bunker 1 Agent 0:18, Archives Agent 0:17 and Dam Agent 0:54. This led to a paragraph discussing these feats in an article on The Elite website.

Some of Brian's times included Streets Agent 1:14, Surface 2 Agent 0:52, Depot Agent 0:26 and Runway 00 Agent 0:39. He also ran the table on Statue with strong times, obtaining Agent 2:24, Secret Agent 2:23 and 00 Agent 2:24 respectively.

Brian is a firm believer in video proof and thus only posts times on The Elite accompanied by said videos. He also only posts times that are worth points within The Elite's Ranking system. Brian appreciates the numerous friends he's made within The Elite and, like a lot of them, is a streamer on Twitch. After playing for only two months he took a hiatus in August 2013. He became active again in mid 2014.

Return 2014

Brian has accumulated both new and improved times since returning, advancing rank into the Top 60 of the world. He went on to greatly improve his times, notably his Statue times which are now 2:21 across the board. He also improved his Archives Agent time to 0:16.

Other Gaming

Brian was previously ranked #1 in the world in different games including Quake 3 (Dreamcast), Doom 3 (Original Xbox), Unreal Championship (Original Xbox) and Quake Arena Arcade (Xbox 360). He was also a consistent Top 5 player in Sonic 4: Episode I (Xbox 360) and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U). Brian is currently active on Steam.

Personal Life

Brian makes music, which can be found at his music profile on Myspace and Youtube. He is a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT).

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