Bioshock Infinite

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Bioshock Infinite is a first-person shooter released for the PS3, Xbox360, and PC in 2013. It is the third installment in the Bioshock franchise and the second installment developed by Irrational Games.

Performing a speedrun of Bioshock Infinite requires a knowledge of the optimal route through the game, the ability to precisely execute Out of Bounds glitches (OoB), the ability to clip by using the RPG and/or Volley Gun to kill Booker while jumping through walls and doors, and a general understanding of how to quickly navigate FPS-style battles in the traditional sense.

The current best times for the game are held by FearfulFerret (PC) and Smasher419 (Xbox360/PS3.) Anecdotal video evidence suggests that the optimal PC run with current strategies is between 1:55:00 and 2:00:00. Times for Xbox360 are roughly 13-18 minutes slower than their PC counterparts. Times for PS3 are roughly 18-23 minutes slower than their PC counterparts.

General Strategy

  • Booker should always be running whenever possible.
  • Prompts to open a door, push an elevator button, or interact with an object will frequently appear before Booker gets up against them. By pressing the prompt as soon as it appears, you can often skip a few frames by having Booker perform the prompted action before he actually fully reaches the object. This is a minor time saver, but is nevertheless good to keep in mind.
  • Any time Booker gets an Infusion, it's important to increase his Salts capacity. Because the run requires frequent suicides using the Volley Gun or RPG and because the Easy difficulty mode makes it relatively hard for Booker to die in the traditional sense, Salts are the obvious choice.
  • Once you are familiar with the route, be aware of your ammo and health needs. There are times where it is crucial for Booker to be low on health or to have enough of the proper gun ammo in order to suicide in a timely fashion.
  • Jump while reloading when necessary. Elizabeth will often try to throw Booker health when he is low. There are times during the run where you will need Booker to have low health. Jumping while reloading prevents Elizabeth from throwing Booker health at inopportune times.
  • Although personal preference comes into play, the RPG and Volley Gun are traditionally the guns you want to have in your possession through most of the run. The Shotgun is often the most utilized weapon early in the run before the RPG and Volley Gun become available.
  • As a general rule, avoid getting any Vigor the first time it is available. By skipping the first opportunity to pick up a given Vigor, the hand animation will not trigger. Currently, Shock Jockey is the only Vigor in the run with an animation that can't be avoided.


1.The Lighthouse
2.Streets of Columbia
3.Comstock Rooftops
4.Elizabeth's Tower
5.Battleship Bay
6.Soldier's Field
7.Hall of Heroes
8.First Lady Airship Battle
9.Finkton Docks
10.Worker Induction Center
11.Finkton Proper
12.The Factory
14.Downtown Battle
15.Comstock House
16.The Rescue
17.The Hand of the Prophet
18.The Vox's Last Stand
19.The Sea of Doors

A Closer Look at Glitches

1.The Welcome Center Jump
2.The Raffle Skip
3.The Bird/Cage Jump
4.The Coin Preservation
5.The Hall of Heroes Skip

  • Memorial Suicide
  • Gate Skip
  • Lockpick Suicide
  • Slate Fight Trick

6.Gondola Skip
7.Worker Induction Center Skip
8.The Factory Skip
9.The Emporia Skip
10.The Elevator Skip
11.The Comstock Gate Skip
12.The Turret Skip

Hill Runner's Hat