Bianca City: Tightrope Circuit

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Bianca City: Tightrope Circuit (B1) is the 11th level in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

5Lap Strategy

Mode: Training

Vehicle: Jet Vermilion

Rival: Wind Walker


This track is basically one long DDT. Only at the start where you wait for the Wind Walker bump should you not being doing any kind of drift. Whilst the regular drift points are the same no matter what the player, how you counter the effect of losing speed after a long drift is up to you. Variation in blast turn regularity is the usual method, but also countersteering works, particularly in the penultimate series of corners. As long as you take corners tight, keep successively chaining drifts and perform extended drift turns that go from a corner into a straight, then a decent time is possible.

Lap 1

Get a boost start, receive a Wind Walker bump and perform an L-strafe. L-drift into the first corner, without blast-turning; stretch the drift out onto the straight. Perform a small R-drift before the left-hander of the chicane, then switch to an L-drift for the long right-hander. Keep blast turning and keep the drift going for as long as possible; if the turning lock suddenly becomes tight or you begin to lose speed, countersteer with left on the d-pad briefly and press right again, all the while holding L. Time your drift during the long right-hander so that in the second tightening of the curve, you can continue into an extended L-drift onto the straight afterwards.

From this, R-drift the left-hander, then perform a small L-drift and then perform an extended R-drift along the straight before the left-hander. R-drift this curve, and then perform a similar L-drift into the right-hander as you did earlier in the lap with the long right-hander. Extended this out into the straight, and take the last two corners as one big L-drift, and DDT the straight.

Laps 2-5

Boost at the line, timing your DDT so you switch from R-drift to L-drift at the end of the energy pits, and perform a boost extended drift through the first curve. At the long-right hander just L-drift with small blasts of the accelerator to help you through. When your boost runs out, drift as normal like lap 1.

Fast Lap Strategy

World Records

5lap: 1'39"67 by Ben Allen

Flap: 17"27 by Ben Allen

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