Bad Diplomacy

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Bad Diplomacy (BD for short) is the fourth level on the game James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire.

Speed Runs

All strategies assume all upgrades are unlocked. Always skip cutscenes if possible.


Jump up the first set of stairs (making sure you get a good speed boost and you don't jump straight up) and jump to your left over the second set. As soon as you land, jump right and forward past the railing, and look left at the guard, all in one fluid motion. Shoot the guard and run through the door. Quickly open, enter, and close the elevator doors. Reload and take out your Q-Claw for quick use later. Take out your DartGun again and make a right when the door opens. Open the doors to the kitchen and jump onto the counter. Jump over to the next counter, fall off, and go through the door on the right.

Shoot the first guard, reload, jump over the laser, and shoot the second guard before he activates the alarm. Shoot the guard through the window and jump through it. Take out your Q-Claw and look at the ceiling of the next floor up. Hook onto the grapple point and pull yourself up. Change to your fists as you go left and jump through the window. Try to bounce off the window to get a speed boost into the room. Hard to do but saves some good time. Enter and exit the first door on your right. Go forward and enter the next door on your right. Punch the enemy twice and pick up the keycard he drops.

Go back and activate the computer. Go back to the room where you got the keycard and go through the door where you killed the enemy. Jump down to your left and shoot the guard. Run through and run through the laser. Shoot the guard in front of you. Quickly enter the elevator and go down. When the doors open, go to your left and follow the hallway. Jump down and open the doors, shooting the guard in your way as you run through.

Target Time: 1:06 - 1:11


  • The current World Record is 1:08, held by Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg.

There are only a few differences between this run and an operative run. First off, do not shoot the guard through the window that shoots at you. Ignore him and use your Q-Claw like normal.

Second thing, when you go down and get out the elevator right before the end, instead of just turning left and proceeding to the door, you must look to your right and shoot the guard. He should pop out just as you turn to look for him. If you don't shoot him, he'll see you and activate the alarm.

Lastly, since you should be out of darts at this time, when you run through the door, slip past the guard and finish the level.

Target Time: 1:08 - 1:15

00 Agent

  • The current World Record is 1:13, held by Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg and Ben Downing.

Start out normally until you reach the elevator. Open the elevator but run past it. Look down the hallway and you will see an enemy with his back turned to you. Shoot him now so you won't have to later. Continue until you get to the room with the two guards and the third one outside of the window. Shoot the first one. Switch to your fists and punch the second one in the back before he activates the alarm. Ignore the third enemy like on the Agent setting.

Continue on until you activate the computer. Instead of heading back to the room where you picked up the keycard, jump through the window from where you originally came. Jump down the balcony and head back the way you came from. After you take the elevator down, head to your left and finish the level, passing the guard at the door.

Target Time: 1:11 - 1:18

High Scores

The only strategy for a perfect score can be found here

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