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About Him

Andrea is born in the outskirts of Milan on May '97, and his fate as a wop was signed.

He is well known on the wop community for disappearing for months, and bursting on the scene later. The fact is, that he actually is running his nice life, and real life does not do well with Mario Kart.

Real Life

His real life begun after he converted from "Young Nerd" to "Teenager Rapper". He started to pickup girls when he was 13, which is surprising if you saw him 2 years before. Known for his attitude to leave girls after 2 weeks, he later slowed down, so he can begin some serious relation. He retains the "Youngest guy to fuck with a girl" record in the wop community, at an age which is surprising for wops. Needless to say that the parents of his GF caught them, luckily not in action.

After his 14th B-Day he begun going around in disco and drinking like an Irish, which is strange because he is allergic to beer. He mostly drinks vodka. Once he was caught drunk shouting "Fuck santa!" outside a club. That costed him 3 months of clubs, girls and drinks.

Then he got 15, and started to slow down his activity with girls, keeping in mind that only young guys only kiss girls, so his goal is to fuck every girl he gets together with. He begun practicing local before going around the main center, Lodi. The results are pretty good.

In July 2012 there was a freestyle contest at a local club, so he picked up the challenge as "Iceman" (Not because he likes V-Ice, which is actually a prick, but because of his attitude "I don't give a FUCK" and the color of his eyes). He won at the finals, kicking a 20 years old guy's ass and earning some reputation as rapper, known as "The tornado" for his particular fast rhymes, other than Iceman, obviously. That was pretty useful in girls pickup, still he kept practising local. He currently holds a 5 months relation with a girl (his record) and he doesn't want to admit that he actually likes her.

So as you see, is strange that such a person plays MK, but life can be surprising.

Mario Kart History

2010: Burst upon the scene

He joins the community in 2010, still ongoing the conversion. His first game was MKW, but he begun TTing on MK64. He made a surprising burst on the charts with a big 100 AF cut, and still he retains a top 250. He begun TTing on MKDS and MKW, with bad results.

2011: Real Life Calls!

2011 was a strange year, as he was appearing and disappearing, playing mostly MKSC, in a rivalry with LaFungo. He cut lots of positions ending in top 40 and retains Wop Bronze in this game. He also played MKDS for a while, ending in top 300, and MKW. Later, MK7 came out. He begun the first week with a good boost, being very strong in online GPs, and lucky. Then he had his balls broken of MK and left the scene. Only remarkable result in the end of the year was joining SMK PP.

2012: Comeback? Who knows...

After all the shit he past in real life, being a local rapper, and finally having a good girl which never cheats (actually she doesn't because he could do it lots of times, and she knows that) he decided that the wops needed some coolness and came on the scene again. His situation was a lot worse, and after 2 days he tought: "Wait a second. Who cares of Mario Kart when i have such a good life? So let's play slow, so i won't break my balls again." And so he did, and actually does.

In the end...

In the end, Doc is an average all-around player, ranked 114th on the Combined Ranks.

He does well in MKSC (40th, 3rd Wop) and MK64 (245th, 5th Wop). He sucks in SMK and MKW, but he has some potential. He is also an average MKDSer.

Misc Stuff

Best quotes

Everyone is intelligent in his own way, and i don't mean only using the brain.

Speaking at a friend with bad votes

I am Lafungo's personal troller.

Speaking about his trolls on Lafungo

With me, you'll puke your lunch even if you didn't eat, so, go home baker and bake some new shit!

About that 20 years old guy

How it's going with girls?

Second phrase when he meets someone after a long time, the first being "Hi man!".

Quotes about him

There must be a bug which blocks blue shells when Doc is 1st.

Darkroy While playing wi-fi.


When roy smokes too much weed.


Lee boon about Doc


Various people speaking with Doc

He is a bastard!

Ex-GFs about Doc

nice wr



  • He is on 2nd Highschool (10th Grade).
  • Despite being a cool rapper, he is intelligent, and does well at school.
  • He won school's long jump contest.
  • Needs lots of cash.
  • He likes Eminem. Actually, em is his hero.
  • He quit smoking weed in July 2012.
  • Dreams about going on mars and write a punchline there.
  • He doesn't give a fuck what you think, if he is your inspiration or you hate him.
  • He was a nerd only 4 years ago. So people change a lot.
  • He can drive cars, despite not having driving license.
  • His friends are also very cool guys. One of them does a perfect wall flip.
  • His voice is actually bad, not suited for singing. That's why he raps.
  • You will be able to find his pieces of rap on his youtube channel when he will record his songs.