Adios Amigos!

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Adios Amigos!

Adios Amigos! is the first stage of the Beginners Series in the Arcade Amateur League in TimeSplitters 2.


World Record Strategy

This level can be a really annoying level because of the many restarts it takes to get a good start with a lot of enemies to kill near you, especially if you play on Playstation 2.

Ideally, you'll want to play this stage on either the GameCube or XBox version. The world record is practically impossible to get on Playstation 2, as the time it takes to get a start with world record potential is huge.

The spawn you have to use is the spawn where you start in the long corridor facing one of the female bots, Lean Molly. She will walk to the left and you have to follow her. Switch to Unarmed while you do this. As soon as she gets vulnerable, which is after 2.5 seconds, punch her in the back.

Continue walking forward. Two bots, walking closely behind each other, will come out of an entrance. You have to punch them in their backs while going through the entrance that leads you outside. They have to be killed in a single punch, or you'll likely be outside too late. After the punch, take out your weapons, the double Lugers.

As soon as you are outside look right of the small right building. There is a bot, gun him down quickly, as he sometimes gets killed by the other bot walking there, before you can do that. Keep looking right of the building and shortly after the fourth kill, the fifth bot should appear. It is essential that you kill her fast as possible, because she respawns as the last one and will be the tenth kill, determining the final time. Reload weapons after the kill.

Stay where you are. For the World Record you need luck so they all spawn close. After the 5th kill the first three bots should have respawned already, so take them out as soon as possible. After killing these reload your weapons. The final two bots should be there now, so take them out quickly.


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