2007 Craption Monday

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Craption Monday - 10/15/07

10 pictures making up the second night of the Craption Contest! If you missed the first night it can be found at 2007 Craption Sunday.

For more contest action, check the KotH 2007 page.

Tonight's Scoreboard

  1. DK - 24
  2. Graves - 14
  3. QB - 12 (won TB)
  4. Come - 12
  5. Ngamer - 10
  6. Youse - 8
  7. Goose - 7
  8. wheat - 3
  9. Neo - 2
  10. Coops - 0
  11. Luke - 0

Picture Tiebreaker 2


  1. Strangely, phone sex was not a good idea as community service for those with road rage. - Come, 3
  2. Holy shit, Jimbo's walking to the fridge! Buy on that Oscar Meyer stock, quick! Buy buy buy! - QB, 4

Picture Tiebreaker


  1. a ninja's true mode of transportation. - Coops,
  2. Monks vandalize Goose's bike after they mistake his constant "CHINCE!" for "CHINKS!". - Ngamer, 2
  3. Taka is only good at PD because of Kung Pow enter the fist magic motorbike yamaha skills - Goose,
  4. Check out my new Kawasaki! No, you idiot, I'm talking about my boyfriend over there. - Youse, 1
  5. Crap, if I don't get my bike running I'll miss my appointment with that hooker. - DK,
  6. The Dalai Lama has begun spreading his teachings... IN STYLE! - Come, 1
  7. What, you thought Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was just a book? - Graves, 4
  8. There are 12 ninjas in this picture, but the camera was only able to pick up the one that is also a bike. - QB, 1

Picture Number 10


  1. Jimbo before surgery. - Coops,
  2. Precisely when the the-elite/mariokart meeting started taking a turn for the worst. - wheat, 1
  3. Jimbo Barrett is hung like a horse! ...everywhere except where it counts. - Ngamer,
  4. Centaurs finally shed their status as mythical beings and stepped into reality approximately 9 months after lonesome Jimbo's WILD night at the stables. - Youse, 1
  5. Jimbo fucked a horse, obv. - QB, 1
  6. Unfortunately the Costumed Nerds of America can't defend their "Biggest Virgins" title. That went to The-Elite.net this time around! - Goose,
  7. Ironically, the horse guy didn't even know there was a Medieval Fair going on today. - DK, 5
  8. That's it. I'm never going to a Renaissance Fair again. - Graves, 1
  9. The annual Renaissance Faire was interrupted by a World of Warcraft player looking to "pwn up on sum nubz". - Come,

Picture Number 9


  1. Shadong? More like Shadon't, mi rite? - Ngamer,
  2. Objective A: Completed - Goose, 1
  3. and you thought your airline was awful - wheat, 2
  4. I knew we shouldnt have taken an airline called "shandong".... *grumbles* - Coops,
  5. Volunteer rescuers salvage usable items out of Jimbo's latest bowel movement. - Youse, 2
  6. Crews train for the arduous pushing of Jimbo into the ocean for his monthly bath. - Come, 2
  7. When these guys finish their work, SZ will celebrate it...by watching X-Files! - QB,
  9. Jimbo gets banned from flying Shandong Airlines after causing a massive delay. - DK,

Picture Number 8


  1. I dont know about you guys, but mine's white. - Coops,
  2. After celebrating several holes-in-one with many drinks, the Ku Klux Klan decides to change its name back to the Professional Golfer's Association. - Goose,
  3. I'll skeet skeet maw-fuggah! I'll skeet skeet got-damn! - Youse,
  4. Few knew about L. Ron Hubbard's original idea for the origins of Scientology. - Graves,
  5. The Colorado Rockies celebrate a series sweep of the Diamondbacks... after dark. - Ngamer,
  6. Using diet coke and mentos, tubgirl fanatics recreate the famous scene and celebrate wildly. - QB, - 5
  7. The guys in the Goodyear blimp thought they were going for the record for most simultaneous cum shots. - DK,
  8. A special ed field trip to the soft drink factory ends in disaster. - Come, 3

Picture Number 7


  1. Jimbo's brain is about to get a boost in power. - Coops,
  2. Yo quiero Taco Bell! No quiero big metal tube! - Come, 2
  3. Wouter's acid trip results in a lesbian from one of his porns transforming his beloved pet rabbit into a small bulldog. More chomp without the crump! - Goose,
  4. Little know fact: particles accelerated to over 99.9% the speed of light instantly transform into lapdogs. - Ngamer, 1
  5. Chinese scientists test a new mircowave. - DK, 5
  6. Jimbo's dog is used to test a state-of-the-art washing machine, after "accidently" having his hair matted down with ketchup and mayo. - QB,
  7. The previous two dogs had exploded instead of being sent 5 minutes into the past, but Julie mused, "Third time's a charm!" - Graves, 1
  8. Asian Adult Entertainment Queen Jun Li shows us her secret "bestiality room" of prototype sex-toys. Look at how she's eying that pooch up! - Youse,

Picture Number 6


  1. Man, Jimbo's mom had a tough time with this one, but she pulled through. - Coops,
  2. March 17, 1988: Jim Barrett sets record for largest new born in world history. The size of his head incredibly matches the size of his GE multi ego. - Goose,
  3. A shipping container was necessary when it was time for Jimbo to go home from the hospital. - Neo, 1
  4. An artist puts the finishing touches on his to-scale "The birth of Jimbo" sculpture. - Youse,
  5. A young Jimbo gets an antelope stuck in his throat and the doctors have to operate. - QB, 2
  6. It's a well-known fact that Jim's mother died giving birth to him. What's NOT so well known is that he also crushed two midwives on the way out. - Ngamer, 3
  7. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. - Graves, 2
  8. Video footage from Mrs. Barrett's labor. - DK,

Picture Number 5


  1. This bull competes with Jimbo's mom the "America's hardest thing to ride" title. - Goose, 1
  2. when I told alecboy to take the bull by the horns that's not what I meant - wheat,
  3. Matadors had to get a little bit faster after the Rodeo started putting rabid flying monkeys on the back of the bull. - Youse, 1
  4. The bull is thinking, "Why can't the red dong guy be on top of me?" - Come, 2
  5. Red Bull gives you wings. Monkey Bull just makes you run really fast. - Graves, 2
  6. c'mon, we can catch him! a little faster now! - Coops,
  7. Think YOU have a hard time getting a monkey off your back? - DK, 3
  8. Why is that monkey riding Jimbo? - QB,
  9. There is a MONKEY on this bull! - Ngamer,

Picture Number 4


  1. Moments after Goose thinks he spots Megan Fox walking down the sidewalk. - Ngamer, 1
  2. Winner of the latest survivor immunity challenge involving cutting off a horse's penis and soaking yourself in its blood. - Goose, 1
  3. The answer to that ever-elusive riddle: "What has two wheels, is fucking insane, and red all over?" - Youse, 1
  4. You know what they say about guys with big.... oh wait. - Coops,
  5. ShadowZero takes a bike ride after watching some lemon party. Why is he red? Fuck if I know. - DK, 2
  6. This is why you shouldn't please your girlfriend while she's on her period. - Come, 2
  7. Sadly, even painting himself red and bicycling naked wasn't enough to draw people's attention from what was behind him. - Graves, 2
  8. has it been 4 hours yet? crap - octo,

Picture Number 3


  1. dude, where's my car? - Coops,
  3. they are shocked at the sight of how fat jimbo is - wheat,
  4. For some reason, Pepsi's polar bears are alot less cute and alot more lazy. - Ngamer, 1
  5. Eating Jimbo's mom can't even satisfy these bears, they're waiting for the man himself! NASCAR'D - Goose, 2
  6. Some fall, but the search for Pepsi goes on. - QB, 1
  8. Ryan White wins a weekend with the Coke Polar Bears after drinking 20 liters in 5 minutes. - Come, 1
  9. Papa Bear chills out after getting a nice, warm blowjob from Mama Bear... Hey, Baby Bear! You're not supposed to be here! - Youse, 2
  10. Polar Bears stake out in front of the Coke-a-cola CEO's home to collect their royalties. - DK, 2

Picture Number 2


  1. I like me some mashed potatoes. - Coops,
  2. alecboy thinks he went to heaven. - wheat,
  3. We came buckets. - Ngamer, 1
  4. BUKKAKE! - Neo, 1
  5. Now that's what I call a sticky situation. - Come,
  6. "This is how kids are made" said Jon Barber to a class of first graders. - Goose, 1
  7. Woll and Matis enjoy Sugarloaf Mountain one last time before Jimbo inevitably eats it - DK, 6
  8. Jimbo decided he needs more protein in his diet, so he sprinkled some people on his mashed potatoes. - QB, 1
  9. Odysseus and Prometheus hanging out in the Cyclops' morning cereal bowl in The Odyssey: The Deleted Scenes. - Youse, 1
  10. this is why you should never pick a fight with jimbos mum - Luke,
  11. My God. It's full of mashed potatoes. - Graves,

Picture Number 1


  1. Jimbo vomits his fiber-filled lunch onto a passing bicyclist! - Goose, 1
  2. After another difficult ride back from his dealers, Alex makes the decision to kick his drug habit for good. - Ngamer, 3
  3. "IM GOING SO FAST" - Luke,
  4. Cousin It devolved into plant matter. - Coops, 1
  5. You've heard that "the grass is always greener on the other side" adage. Here's why. - Youse,
  6. Bigfoot celebrates St. Patrick's Day by riding his bicycle through town in a festive hair-do. - Come,
  7. Cousin It looks twice as nice after dying his hair a pleasant green. - QB, 2
  8. Mr. Roberts' lawn was tired of Billy cutting across it every morning on his way to school. Today, it would have its revenge. - Graves, 2
  9. Infil makes a quick getaway! - DK, 1